Dolphin Tours / Sightseeing

Fish-N-Fun offers the most unforgettable Dolphin Tours that are sure to spark some serious “oohs” and “ahhs”! On each tour, guests will be delighted as they get up close and personal with dolphins living in their natural habitat. Fish-N-Fun’s experienced captains will help you spot dolphins in the wild, while they provide interesting facts and stories about these animals. In addition to dolphin tours, Fish-N-Fun also offers guided sightseeing tours of the coastline, giving you an opportunity to catch some stunning views of the harbor that can’t be found anywhere else.

Make a Splash!

Ready to explore the Gulf Coast in style? Step aboard a guided sightseeing tour and enjoy views of the harbor like never before. From majestic emerald waters to white sand beaches, you’ll encounter breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see. Observe all the beauty from a boat deck and learn about the area with an experienced captain who knows all the best spots. Feel your cares drift away with every passing wave and create lasting memories along the way. What are you waiting for? Hop on board now and make a splash!

Fish-N-Fun Dolphin Tours and Sightseeing Excursions provide a unique way to experience nature on the open sea. Spend your day in the company of playful dolphins as they surf and dive alongside your boat, creating an unforgettable memory you can cherish for years to come. Fish-N-Fun offers the most immersive wildlife tour, complete with knowledgeable tour guides whose enthusiasm will get you excited and up close to the many wild inhabitants of Florida’s pristine waters. Make Fish-N-Fun part of your next adventure and join us out on the beautiful blue sea!

Dolphin Sightseeing Packages

Price: starting at $150.00 hr, min 2 hours 

If you are satisfied with your charter, it is the industry norm to show your appreciation by tipping the first mate (we suggest a 15-20% tip)

Book your Dolphin Tour or Sightseeing Excursion today and let Fish-N-Fun take you on a journey of discovery! From exploring the coastline to encountering wild dolphins in their natural habitat, we guarantee an experience you won’t soon forget. Get ready to make some lasting memories with Fish-N-Fun! We look forward to welcoming you aboard!


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